Migrating my PHP project to Java and Spring

I thought it was a bit awkward to have a rant post on the main page, so I'll post something else today. I have moved away from Ubuntu by the way, I am now a happy user of Debian 2.6. Everything just like it used to be before I have upgraded my Ubuntu 11.04. So in the next while I will be busy migrating my PHP project to Java and I will try to post about whatever difficulties (and the solutions for them) I find on the way, design and technology decisions I will make. The project is an extranet application that helps my client to automate certain aspects of their logistics audit. I have been working on this project for some time now, and I've been feeling that what used to be a PHP prototype is getting harder to maintain as it becomes a big application with new business requirements that at times require a lot of refactoring. I don't like refactoring PHP. Also, the way I built this prototype was my own version of an MVC framework and this as well could be improved in many ways. However for the most part, I don't think I grasped the PHP OOP and so the result was a mix of good old PHP function-based implementation plus a bit of classes. Any time I had to extend any of the functionality I was thinking "I wish I've done it in Java!". To be continued...

05 Mar 2012 Stas Maksimov
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Ubuntu 11.10 rant

I have been ranting about the 11.10 on Facebook, but I think I need a little more space for my rants. In all honesty, I understand the move to GNOME 3, Unity and all that. Fine. It may very well work flawlessly for the fresh installs, I can't check that - no time for this. However, the upgrade path from 11.04 is simply unacceptable. Has anyone tested it? If so, how could they ship it like this? I feel like I've been given an alpha release for testing. I can't make the default GNOME work (fonts are broken everywhere). I can't make Unity work (and it's not for me, I DON'T LIKE IT!). I could barely set the whole thing up to work in GNOME Classic to an extent it used to work a few years ago. This is still a bad experience for what time I had to invest into it and that it feels like a downgrade. I honestly don't understand the choice between having icons on desktop for the price of having an extra file menu on top of the screen versus no menu, but no icons too. I don't understand why I can't use 3D effects in my GNOME Classic anymore. Everything is switched on: the ATI driver is activated, the compiz is there and all configured, but it's 2D whatever I do. I mean, screw the wobbly windows, but the whole interface used to be *times* faster. I know, this is what I get for free, but come on! It used to be an excellent environment. I used it as my primary OS for a number of years now - without complaints! Now I'm ready to give up. The state of my system looks like I need a full reinstall. Since this is a big step, I might consider installing a different distro. And I'm thinking about it. No, I will give 11.10 another try on my spare box (what an idiot to trust Ubuntu with the major release, and not to try it on a spare box first!). Then we'll see for sure. Rant over. Webupd8.org was a great help in sorting or rather understanding some of the bits, but still. Here's the link: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/things-to-tweak-after-installing-ubuntu.html

19 Oct 2011 Stas Maksimov
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Add TEDtalks to your vBulletin

How to get a [ted] tag

One of the users on a vBulletin-powered board of mine has asked me if it was possible to embed TEDtalks in the posts. After some extensive googling I couldn't find anything. So when I had some time to spare on a little fun project, I've returned to the question. TED don't publish any sort of API to enable other websites publish TED's content, with an exception of WordPress.com

30 Jan 2011 Stas Maksimov
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iPod skipping songs after using RhythmBox for loading of mp3s

My iPod has all sorts of problems: it has LCD artifacts, it hangs, it pauses the playback all by itself. Up until recently the one thing it wasn't failing at was uploading mp3s using RhythmBox. Unfortunately this broke as well: it started skipping over the newly loaded mp3s. I tested with some mp3s which I've been able to load and play successfully in the past, and it's the same story - it skips. After googling for a short while I couldn't find any answers, but I saw other people were using gtkpod for their syncing. So I gave it a try and loaded those mp3 with gtkpod. It worked! And as if anyone still needs this: sudo apt-get install gtkpod

31 Oct 2010 Stas Maksimov
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How to convert the encoding of the mp3 tags

It's quite common to have unreadable characters in your mp3 play list, especially when the files came from Windows and the names are not in latin character set (like cyrillic). To address this issue, simply do the following: find ~/Music/* -name "*.mp3" -print0 | xargs -0 mid3iconv -e CP1251 mid3iconv is part of the python-mutagen package: sudo apt-get install python-mutagen

29 Oct 2010 Stas Maksimov
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Setting up a proxy in front of the Business Objects web server

Recently we have installed Business Objects for one of our customers. The BO web reporting has installed to run on port 6405 by default. Alas, the only port available to the rest of the customer's network on this machine was port 80. After a couple of hours of trying to find how to change BO Tomcat's port I gave up and decided to install a web proxy instead. In the end, it was

22 Sep 2010 Stas Maksimov
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A handy command to verify all svn repositories

Somehow it happened that I'm looking after the SVN server in my company. Every now and again something happens to one or two repositories, but you never know which ones exactly. Unless developers complain. So to save me going through every repository, I've finally settled on this command...

20 Sep 2010 Stas Maksimov
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