Ubuntu 11.10 rant

I have been ranting about the 11.10 on Facebook, but I think I need a little more space for my rants.

In all honesty, I understand the move to GNOME 3, Unity and all that. Fine. It may very well work flawlessly for the fresh installs, I can't check that - no time for this. However, the upgrade path from 11.04 is simply unacceptable. Has anyone tested it? If so, how could they ship it like this? I feel like I've been given an alpha release for testing.

I can't make the default GNOME work (fonts are broken everywhere). I can't make Unity work (and it's not for me, I DON'T LIKE IT!). I could barely set the whole thing up to work in GNOME Classic to an extent it used to work a few years ago. This is still a bad experience for what time I had to invest into it and that it feels like a downgrade. I honestly don't understand the choice between having icons on desktop for the price of having an extra file menu on top of the screen versus no menu, but no icons too. I don't understand why I can't use 3D effects in my GNOME Classic anymore. Everything is switched on: the ATI driver is activated, the compiz is there and all configured, but it's 2D whatever I do. I mean, screw the wobbly windows, but the whole interface used to be *times* faster.

I know, this is what I get for free, but come on! It used to be an excellent environment. I used it as my primary OS for a number of years now - without complaints! Now I'm ready to give up. The state of my system looks like I need a full reinstall. Since this is a big step, I might consider installing a different distro. And I'm thinking about it.

No, I will give 11.10 another try on my spare box (what an idiot to trust Ubuntu with the major release, and not to try it on a spare box first!). Then we'll see for sure.

Rant over.

Webupd8.org was a great help in sorting or rather understanding some of the bits, but still. Here's the link: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/things-to-tweak-after-installing-ubuntu.html

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